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Discussion Questions Chapters 21-34

9:35 AM

The Body – Discussion Questions Chapters 21-34

Answer each part of the following questions in a complete paragraph (5-6 sentences). Use your book to reference specific scenes.

  1. Why do the boys run toward the water? What happens to them?
  2. In chapter 24, what do we learn about the fate of Chris, Vern, and Teddy?
  3. What does Gordie feel when he sees Ray Brower’s body? What do the boys do when they get near the body? What does Gordie say about the way Ray looks?
  4. What happens with the older boys at the body? What happens as a result of this encounter?
  5. Why does Gordie think about going back to the field to find Ray’s bucket? What does Gordie think it symbolizes? Gordie asks if it is morbid to want to find it, is it?
  6. Who gets the credit for finding the body? How is Ray discovered?
  7. What is the aftermath for the 4 boys with the families after being gone for so long?