Weekly outline

  • General

  • Week 1, Jan 4-8 Origin of the Church


    Meaning of Church

    Foreshadowed by Israel

    Instituted by Christ

    Founded on a Rock

    Built from His side


    Key Terms:  diocese, hierarchy, people of God, charism,  Jaws of death, keys of the kingdom, bind & loose

    Yellow Book: Read pgs 9-36 Reviews pg 37 1-12.

  • Week 2 Jan 11-15, The Holy Spirit: Giver of Life


    Who is the Holy Spirit?

    Pentecost: Reversal of Babel

    What the Holy Spirit does

    Gifts and Charisms

    Key Terms: animate, sanctify, ruah, petition, intercession, charism, charismatic, infallible, inerrant, 

    Yellow Book: Read 21-36, Reviews pg 37, 1-12

  • Weeks 6-8, Feb 8-Feb 26 Images of the Church


    Timeline: Church of the Middle Ages(AD 600-1300)

    Why Images?

    Lumen Gentium

    People of God

    Temple of Holy Spirit

    Bride of Christ

    Body of Christ


    Key Terms: Vatican II, Lumen Gentium, community, transubstantiation, chalice, theology of the body, mystical, virtues, mystical body

    Yellow Book: Read pgs 49-59 Reviews pg 60 1-6