The Body Discussion Questions 15-20

The Body – Discussion Questions Chapters 15-20


Answer each part of the following questions in a complete paragraph (5-6 sentences). Use your book to reference specific scenes.

  1. How do the boys react after the train incident?
  2. Gordie tells the story of Lard Ass to the other boys. Why do the other boys like Gordie’ stories? What does Gordie tell us about writing?
  3. What advice does Chris give Gordie? Do you agree with what Chris says at the end of chapter 17 about who drags you down? Why or why not?
  4. When they camp for the night, what do you think actually happened? Did the boys imagine what happened out of fear or did it really happen?
  5. Describe Gordie’s dream. What do you think it meant?
  6. At the end of chapter 20, the opening lines of the novel are repeated. Why do you think King chose to repeat them? Has your opinion of what that means changed? Why or why not?