In order to be considered a member of the club, you must enroll in this course. No enrollment key is required.

Please check this site at least once a week on Friday.

Participation in the activities of the club is optional, but it is good to participate for several reasons:
1. You are helping the world you and your children live in.
2. You will be able to save baby seals!

If you would like to contribute your talents (i.e. writing poems, stories, or initiating petitions) do the following:
1. Works of literature relating to environmentalism - TBA (once I figure out how to completely use Moodle)
2. Initiation of a serious petition - create a forum string (include your name, purpose of petition, at least a paragraph explaining the politics behind the issue, and sources that you got your information from)
3. Other possibilities will be announced in the future

Our first set of petitions will start next month. In general if all goes according to plan, we will work on 4 petitions a month (school, local, state, and national). So please check in next Friday (10/5/07) for our first petition.
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