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Turnitin Assignment Name Sula and The Stranger

Essay Prompt:                                                


In a 5-page essay, show how Albert Camus and Toni Morrison use their protagonists to reflect one of the philosophies discussed in class (Existentialism, Nihilism, or Absurdism). Give direct examples from the book (citations must be in MLA format) to show how the characters/stories portray the philosophy. Be sure to clearly explain each example and how it connects or portrays the philosophy.



Here are some tips and reminders for writing:

  1. MLA format (Times New Roman, 12pt. font, double space, parenthetical citations, and works cited)
  2. BRAINSTORM/OUTLINE (organize your ideas)
  3. Re-read and edit your essay before turning it in.
  4. Use simple and direct sentences and ideas
  5. Focus on the prompt, stay on topic, and answer what it is asking you
  6. Do not use contractions
  7. Use formal language (DO NOT USE “I”, “me”, “we”)
  8. Each paragraph should be at least 5 sentences
  9. Use proper grammar!!


Assignment Part Start Date Due Date Post Date Max Marks
Part 1 6/01/17, 08:34 13/01/17, 08:34 13/01/17, 08:34 100