Topic outline

  • Theo III Sacraments and Morality (Mr. Sullivan)

  • Understanding Baptism

  • Final Exam Theo IIIB (Mr. Sullivan

    The test will be posted during the assigned testing time ONLY. You may use notes and textbook. Before you begin the test. Please fill out the DHS end of the year students' survey. You can find it by clicking on the link below. I will be sending out the THEO III end of the Year survey via email for students who are in good financial standing. This survey is considered part of the final exam. It will be sent via email as a Google form.

    The finals week schedule is as follows...

    Tuesday June 2 Period 3, 8:30-10 AM

    Wednesday June 3 Period 4, 8:30-10 AM and Period 5, 11-12:30 PM

    Thursday June 4 Period 6, 8-10:30 AM and Period 7, 11-12:30 PM

    Friday June 5 Period 1, 8-10:30 AM and Period 2, 11-12:30 PM

    During the designated 90 minute final please fill in the Google Form linked below. Finals must be submitted during the 90 minute window of time assigned for your period. (For detailed directions see last weeks information)

    End of the year message:

    Dear Theo III students class of 2021,

    I want to say thanks for being so good. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with you and learning about you. When I say thanks for being good, what I mean is all the days that we sincerely prayed together, all the respect that you showed to me in and out of class, the serious engagement to learn and the effort you chose to give to grow as a person everyday. We also had a lot of fun and the humor was always appropriate and timed well. I enjoyed seeing you and hearing you think things through. You were good at coming together as a brotherhood that worked together better than working alone. Many of you honored your word. When you said you would get it done you did, when you said you needed more time because of family issues or something happening in your life I believed you because I trust you and respect you.

    I want nothing more than for all of you to succeed not just in getting an A grade but in actually growing as a man, as a Spartan, as a person of faith. I never realized or I guess I took for granted how good you were until we were abruptly cut off and artificially separated before we were done. It was a challenge for all of us. Thanks for handling it so well.

    I am confident that we kept it going to best of our ability. Anyone looking at what we accomplished in remote learning would have to be impressed. It is not like in-person learning, but we made the most of it and the effort you put in made me realize that it was worth it to salvage the last quarter by adapting and improvising. In this way you have proven that the class of 2021 can overcome any obstacle. I will never forget your goodness. Thanks for a great year! God bless you and your families. St. Damien Pray for us!

    - Mr. Sullivan