Things Fall Apart AP Skills Focus Questions

1. Explain the function of contrasting characters. Who are two character from Things Fall Apart that could be considered "contrastng characters"? How and why? What function does that contrast serve for the purpose of thos novel/story?

2. Explain the function of conflict in Things Fall Apart. What is the major conflict of this story? What purpose does it serve? What are some more minor conflicts of the story? How do these conflicts affect the story?

3. Explain the function of a significant event or related set of significant events in the plot of Things Fall Apart. Think of the significant events in Okonkwo's life, Nwoye's life, Ekwefi's life, or even the events that happen to Umofia as a whole. How do these events (or the set of events) function in the story? 

4. Explain the function of a character changing or remaining unchanged in Things Fall Apart? Think about Okonkwo or Nwoye. Do they change or stay the same? How does the change, or lack thereof, affect them as characters, and therefore the story as a whole. What does this change/refusal to change, attempt to teach the reader?

5.. Identify and describe what specific textual details reveal about a character, their perspective, and their motives. Think and write about how Okonkwo is described and why he is described that way. How do the text details reveal Okonkwo's unique perspective on his society, Umuofia, and the missionaries? How are Okonkwo's motives conveyed to the readers?