Much Ado About Nothing Act III Questions

1. Who are the three women (two have major parts) who set Beatrice up for this trick? 

2. What are some of the nice things they say about BENE**? What are some of the mean things they say about BEATRICE? 

3. How does Beatrice respond to what she has heard?

4. How has Bene** changed?  WHY? 

5. Why do his friends think his changed attitude is so funny? 

6. Notice how this happy, silly mood is broken by Don John. What does Don John mean when he says Hero is “Leonato’s Hero, your Hero, every man’s Hero”? 

7. How do Claudio and the Prince respond to Don John’s “news”? What do they plan to do, and why?

8. During III, iv, what are the women getting ready for? What do they tease HERO about?  What do Margaret, Hero and Ursula tease BEATRICE about in this scene?

9. What is LEONATO trying to prepare for when Dogberry and Verges come in? --Why are they there? What news do they bring?

10. Why doesn’t Leonato “get” what they are saying? Give one example of Dogberry’s inability to communicate.