Fences Act 1-Act 2, scene 2 Questions

Act 1, scene 4

  1. Where does Troy really go when he says he is going to Taylor’s?

  2. What news does Troy bring home from work at the beginning of this scene?

  3. What has Lyons come to Troy to do?

  4. Why does Gabriel think Troy is mad at him?

  5. Summazrize the story that Troy tells about his father and their relationship.

  6. How did Bono and Troy meet?

  7. What is Cory upset about about when he arrives home?

  8. What baseball metaphor does Troy use with Cory at the very end of this scene?

Act 2, scene 1

  1. What project is Troy working on when he works outside?

  2. What does Bono say about fences?

  3. What does Bono warn Troy about?

  4. What deal do Troy and Bono make?

  5. Summarize the discussion that Troy and Rose have about Gabriel.

  6. What does Troy reveal to Rose in this scene? 

  7. What happens between Troy, Rose, and Cory at the end of this scene?

  8. What baseball metaphor does Troy use with Cory again? How is it different in this scene?