Much Ado Questions Act IV-V

Act IV

  1. What exciting event begins Act I, scene i?

  2. Why does Claudio reject Hero? What does he say?

  3. How does Leonato react to the accusations against his daughter?

  4. What plan does the Friar come up with?

  5. How does Act I end for Beatrice and Bene**? What does he promise to do for her? Why?

  6. Explain/Summarize scene 2 (Dogberry)

Act V

  1. What news do Claudio and Don Pedro receive from Leonato and his brother?

  2. Why has Bene** come to see Claudio?

  3. What do Dogberry and Borachio reveal to Claudio and Don Pedro about Hero? About Don John?

  4. What must Claudio do?

  5. Summarize Act 5, scene 4.