End of Senior Year Reflection

End of Senior Year Reflection

Final (25 Points)


What a year it has been!! Unique to say the least, and definitely interesting. So, since this has been such an extraordinary year, I thought the final for this class required something a little different than normal…Please write as thorough a reflection as possible. 500 word minimum.


Prompt: Think about this past year...what did you experience? What surprised you? What made you sad? What made you think? What did you enjoy? What were you most disappointed about? Did you read anything you loved or hated? What is your greatest memory of senior year? What were you most looking forward to? In this reflection, you can answer any of these questions or come up with anything you want to write/reflect on. 



  • You must meet the 500 word minimum (no matter what you choose to write about)

  • MLA format (TNR, 12 pt font, double spaced)

  • Divide your essay up into standard formats (beginning/middle/end, intro/body/conclusion, etc)

  • Use proper grammar and sentence structure.


I look forward to reading these!