Amy Tan Writing Assignment

After reading/listening to these two stories by Amy Tan, it may be easier to identify some common themes and styles. For this assignment, you are going to write 2 paragraphs. Each paragraph will need to make a connection between both stories (textual evidence must be included) and one element of Post-Modernism.

For example, paragraph 1 can discuss fragmentation and how that is seen in both Two Kinds and Rules of the Game. You must have 1 quote from each story in this paragraph in order to show how fragmentation is seen in both texts.The next paragraph will focus on a different aspect of Post-Modernism and include 2 new quotes (one from each story) to show how each text displays that particular element of Post-Modernism

If you are confused about any of these instructions, please email me or ask me in the Office Hours moodle chat on Tuesday from 12-1pm.