Narnia Reflection Questions...


1.The movie starts out with a Nazi bombing raid on London. What does this say about the world we live in?


2. In this scene, evil is portrayed as dark(happening at night, not in the clear of day), but in Narnia evil is more clear and it presses in all around. Why?


3. If Narnia represents the spiritual life what would the wardrobe be?


4. Which Sacrament is like a doorway into the spiritual life?


5. If Narnia represents the spiritual life, why is it a perpetual winter?


6. What does the falling snow represent?


7. What might the lamp post represent?


8. Why did no time pass when Lucy returns from the wardrobe? What does that say about Narnia?


9. When he protects Lucy the umbrella and asks if she's alright, what role might the fawn be playing?


10. When the Fawn describes Narnia before winter—what does he say about it? What does this relate to in the spiritual life?


11. How does the Witch's encounter with Edmond relate to Jesus encounter with the devil in the desert? 12. What does this say about the White Witch?


13. How do the other kids react when the Lucy tells about what she experienced?


14.How does their skepticism reflect the way modern people look at the Sacraments?


15. The wise professor reacts differently, what does he say?



16. What protection does the wardrobe offer against the cold?



17. What might the fur coats represent in the sacramental life? 17. Why are the humans called to wage war on the white witch?


18. Why does the witch fear the 4 humans?


19. Once Edward fell into the lure of the White witch they said, “Only Aslan can help him now”. How does this relate to Christ's power over the devil and sin?


20.The animals that were frozen seem to be dead but their life is restored . How does this relate to the spiritual life and the sacrament of confession?


21. Why does the witch need to use Edward to bring the others down? What does this say about the nature of evil?


22.What do you think the pack of wolves represent?


23.What kind of 'wolves' exist in the spiritual world?


24.In what way does the Santa Clause figure represent the holy Spirit in the sacrament of Confirmation? How many gifts did he give? What were the gifts to be used for?


25.How does the change in weather signify the reversal of original sin?


26.Why are the children addressed as Magesty and as royalty? Does this relate to the sacraments?


27.What did Aslan's tent remind you of? The Veil? The elevated step? All the other tents surrounding it?


28.Why do you think the hero's name is Peter?


29.How does the stone table relate to the Eucharist, the Mass?

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