Redemptive Suffering, The Incarnation, and Us.

Redemptive Suffering, The Incarnation, and Us. 

  1. How does Jesus, through His suffering, give our suffering meaning? (1:30)

  2. What does St. Paul mean when he states that he rejoices in his suffering? (3:15)

  3. How can we participate in the suffering of Christ? (4:00)

  4. Provide your own explanation of Redemptive Suffering

You will be asked to answer the following questions with the 3 following points in mind:

a. State and explain your response to the question

b. Provide evidence supporting your response

c. Explain how your life is affected by your findings

1.  Explain the term, Take Up Your Cross, when speaking about our suffering?

2.  As Christians, how are we called to go through our own form of Kenosis when suffering? Explain.

3.  How should the Incarnation shape and influence our lives? How can we rejoice in our suffering? How can we emulate Jesus in our own suffering?


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