Article 7, Article 8, and Article 9. (Part Review)

Article 7

1. Explain each of the three elements of the Holy Spirit's Mission within the Church?

2. Define animate

3. Define sanctified

Article 8

1. Define petition

2. Define intercession

3. What is the main point for the article?

4. How does the Holy Spirit influence of prayer life?

 Article 9

1. Define Charisms.

2. Define Magisterium

3. Define Infallibility.

Part Review

1. What does it mean to say that the works of Jesus and Holy Spirit are inseparable?

2. What does the Holy Spirit lead the Church? 

3. Describe the events of Pentecost.

4. What did Peter say would happen to those people who repented and were baptized on the day of Pentecost?

5. Why is it appropriate to say that the Church is revealed rather than born on Pentecost?

6. Why was Pentecost the Revelation of the Holy Trinity as well as the Church?

7. What are three important elements of the Church's Mission?

8. How did the Holy Spirit transform Jesus' disciples?

9. Contrast a life lived ignoring the Holy Spirit and on lived in the Holy Spirit. 

10. How does the Holy Spirit help us to pray?

11. What is the subtle difference between a charism and a Gift of the Holy Spirit?

12. Describe how founders of religious orders often had specific charisms that their followers also pursued.