Cinderella Man

Review Questions...

1.In Cinderella Man, what was Braddock's cross in life?

2. Braddock refused to use his poverty as an excuse to be dishonest or victimize others. In which scenes did he illustrate this? Can poverty be a blessing in disguise? How so? Where does it focus our priorities?

3. How does the film portray prayer through the hard times? What does it say about showing thankfulness, hope, and honor when things are tough?

4. What do you think hurt Braddock more, begging for money or being physically beat up in the ring? Why?

5. Was Braddock justified in trying to keep his children with him at all costs?

6. What does this film say about pride? Braddock seems to be fighting to keep it in some parts and willing to sacrifice it in others. Are there different kinds of pride? Which is worth keeping and which should we throw away? 7. Jesus said, "Anyone who wishes to save himself will lose himself, but anyone who loses himself, his entire person, for my sake, will find himself, discover himself." Such a one will not be lost. This involves a loss of self, an exit of self, a forgetting-of-self. In what way does Braddock put others before himself? Was this out of love for God?

8.  Suffering can get one down, or it can bring one closer to God. It can make one resentful and bitter - even blaming God for his lot, or it can make one more conscious of God’s providence at work. How did it affect Braddock?

9. How at the end of the movie did Braddock's suffering pay off? In what way were his many sacrifices acceptable to God?