The Great Migration Response

1.Write 2 bulleted lists: one titled "What I know" and title the other "What I learned". In the first list, write all the things you remember learning about the Harlem Renaissance/The Great Migration from class. In the second list, write all the things you learned from the TEDTalk. 

2. Answer the following questions in a paragraph response. Remember, 1 paragraph= AT LEAST 5 sentences!

  • (1 paragraph) Make connections between the 2 works you read last week (MLK Jr's Letter and Gwendolyn Brooks poems) and The Harlem Renaissance. What themes and ideas or style from the Harlem Renaissance are seen in those 2 readings? Explain your connections and cite at least 1 quote from each work to support your ideas. 
  • (1 paragraph) How have you felt during this transition from being at school daily to fully remote/digital learning? What has been the most challenging part? What has been your favorite part?