Fences Act 1, scene 1-3 Questions

Act 1, scene 1

  1. What year does this play take place?

  2. Who is Troy Maxson? Who is Jim Bono? What is their relationship? What line of work are they in?

  3. What Friday night ritual do Bono and Troy participate in?

  4. What questions/concerns are Troy and Bono discussing regarding work?

  5. Who is Cory? Who is Rose? What news about Cory does Rose share with Troy?

  6. How does Troy feel about the news he receives about Cory? 

  7. Why does Troy worry about Cory playing sports? What experience does Troy have with playing sports?

  8. What story does Troy tell?

  9. Who arrives at the Maxson house? What does he want?

Act 1, scene 2

  1. Who arrives at the Maxson house? How is he related to Troy?

  2. What does the audience find out about him? Why is Troy conflicted about him?

Act 1, scene 3

  1. What argument do Troy and Cory have? What does Cory want to do? What does Troy want him to do and why? Explain in detail.

  2. What truth about Troy playing baseball does Rose reveal while she is speaking with Troy at the end of this scene?