Part Review

Read pages 169-185 to answer the questions below:

1. What are the three evangelical counsels and how are they applied by different groups in the Church?

2. What is the special mission of all laypeople?

3. Describe how the laity shares the prophetic, kingly, and priestly functions of Christ.

4. In what ways is the family the domestic church?

5. Describe how the work of the laity participates in the mission of Christ. 

6. What are two things the individual members of a religious order have in common?

7. What are some of the needs that have been fulfilled by religious orders throughout history?

8. How does the Liturgy of the Hours help fulfill Paul's admonition to pray without ceasing? 

9. Define the terms hermits, Consecrated virgins, secular institutes, Third Order, and Societies of Apostolic.