Amazed and Afraid

The questions below can be answered, in part, by viewing the Amazed and Afraid:

, but mainly with the use of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is divided by articles: so after the question where is lists CCC 605, that is directing you to look up article 605 in the Catechism. 

1. What were the four central tasks expected of the Messiah by most first century Jews? Where did those tasks originate and what are some examples of how they were expressed? 

2. Why did the tribes of Israel need to be gathered? How did Jesus go about doing this? (CCC 541, 542)

3. What was the purpose of the Temple within ancient Judaism? How did Jesus identify himself with the Temple? (CCC 2099, 2100, 1179, 1197)

4. What enemies did Jesus conquer and how did he do battle? (CCC 559, 550, 635)

5. Why did Jesus die on the cross? What did he accomplish, fulfill, and embody in being crucified? (CCC 599, 613, 614, 614, 616, 618, 622, 623)

6. Why is the historical and physical nature of the Resurrection so important to Christians? What is an historical argument in favor of the Resurrection? (CCC 638, 639, 643, 644, 645)

7. Who was the first evangelist for the crucified Messiah? What is the irony of that fact? (CCC 306, 307)