Priest, Prophet and King

1. What does is it mean to be a ‘Priest, Prophet and King’?

2. What is the effect of our Baptism? How does Baptism make us ‘alter Christus’?

3. Why is it that the term ‘bridge-builder’ is valid designation for what it means to be a Priest?

4. What is the connection between our being called to be a prophet, and Evangelization? 

5. In what way should we use our minds to fulfill our prophetic calling? Why?

6. From a Christian perspective, what should the role of a King be? How should this play out in our own lives? 

7. Reflect on your own life up to this point. Do you feel that you have lived according to your Baptismal calling to be a Priest, Prophet and King? In what way, and aspects of your life do you feel that you are falling short? In what way do you feel that you have met the challenge?