Jesus As Lion Study Guide

Jesus As Lion Study Guide






3 R’s


Kristo Kyrios

When defining the vocabulary be sure to connect it back into the content of the Unit. 

Each vocabulary term will be worth 2pts. 


Short Answer Questions:

  • Be prepared to explain how Jesus’ entire life is about the 3 R’s. Look to the notes explaining each of the 3 R’s for assistance. 

There will also be a portion of the assessment that will ask you to analyze Scripture. You be asked to paraphrase the Scripture in your own words, and then explain which of the 3 R’s are represented in the passage. 


  • Understand the scope and purpose of the C.S. Lewis’ Trilemma. Be prepared to explain it’s apologetic components meant to determine the existence of Jesus’ Divinity. This content is outlined in your notes, and from the Trilemma article from Bishop Robert Barron


  • The final question for this assessment will focus on Jesus as a Shepherd. What did this title signify for the ancient people. What are the 5 components of being a shepherd? How does this understanding point to Jesus’ loyalty, sacrifice, and bravery? 


Prayer to Saint Damien


Saint Damien, 

you ministered to those in despair and isolation. 

I call upon you to open my heart and mind, 

to care for the poor, the sick, the weary, and those forgotten. 

Bestow upon me the inner strength of faith, 

and unconditional compassion to be a disciple of Christ. 


As a Spartan man, 

I come before you a humble servant of God, 

bless me with the spirit of your love 

and instill in me the touch of healing and grace

that you yourself possessed. 




Saint Damien Pray for Us.