Weekly outline

  • General

  • Welcome to Paschal Mystery: 1st Semester

    • Week 1-2

      Welcome back. Introductions. Class Information Notes How to create your Notebook. What is Theology? What is Paschal Mystery? What is Ecclesiology?

    • Week 1 Aug 16-18 In The Beginning


      The Story: Big Picture of Scripture

      Creation Accounts and Creationism

      Attributes of God

      Human Beings Icon of Trinitarian God

      Eden -Original Happiness.

      Definitions: Biblical interpretation, Divine Inspiration, Fundamentalism, Hyper-Rationalism, Contextualism, Imago Dei, True Freedom. Holiness, Pure Love, Complimentarity, Trinitarian Communion, Original holiness, Original justice, Seen and Unseen Creation.The Plan

      Orange Book Assignments: Read pgs 11-24, Review Q's 1-7 pg 24.

    • Week 2-3, Aug 17-28 Catastrophic Fall


      The Fall of the Angels-The Reality of Satan

      Pride &Envy

      Genesis 3: Original Sin and Religious Truth

      Catastrophy of the Fall: God, Self, Others, Nature

      The Hole and Innate Desire

      The Sin Disease

      The 'Sinbiote'

      Gen 4: Sin as Predator


      Original Sin, The Fall, Satan, Angels, Free Will, Pride, Envy, Concupiscence, The Spread of Sin, The sin-cycle, Fratricide, Tower of Babel.

      Orange Book:

      Read pg 25-39, Reviews 1-6, pg 35

    • Week 4-5, Aug 31-Sept 11 Sacrifices and Covenants


      Sacrifices and Oaths

      The Role of Blood in religion

      The Old Testament Covenants/Israel as Bride

      The Passover Lamb

      God Keeps His Promises

      Humans Don't

      Messianic Hope

      Definitions: The Exile, Paschal Mystery, Polytheism, Monotheism, Infidelity, Circumcision, the Passover, Haggadah, Anamnesis and Memorial, Levites, High Priest, Theophany, Patriarchs, The Ark of the Covenant, The Tabernacle, The Day of Atonement, Covenant, Blood of the Covenant. Sacrificial offerings, Messiah, Hope.

      Orange Book: pg 41-55 Reviews pg 55 1-7.

    • Week 6, Sept 14-25 Let it Be Done


      Messianic Expectation/Fulfillment: Prophecy and Typology

      Mary The New Ark, New Eve, New Esther

      Mary: The Immaculate Conception,Theotokos, Perpetual Virgin, and Assumption

      Definitions: Theotokos, Immaculate Conception, Annunciation, Foreshadowed, Christological, Acronymn, YAHWEH, Incarnation, Expiation, Jesus, Christ, Son of God, Savior, ICHTHYS, Lord

      Orange Book: Read pgs 57-71, Reviews 1-7 pg 71.

    • Week 7: Sept 28-Oct 2 The Redemptive Life of Jesus


      The Eternal Word: Jn 1 Prologue

      The Life of Jesus: A Rosary Approach

      The Joyful and Luminous Mysteries

      Jesus as Model of True Masculinity

      Healer, Teacher and Wonder Worker

      Jesus as Victor over the Devil (Prelude)

      Jesus the Divine Son of God

      Definitions; Joyful Mysteries, Luminous Mysteries, Kingdom of God, Redemption, Poverty of Heart, Excorcisms

      Orange Book: Read 72-93, Reviews 1-9 pg 93.

    • Week 14 Nov 9-13, Christ's Suffering and Ours


      The Culture and Suffering

      Paschal Mystery and Our Suffering

      Why Suffering Has Meaning

      The Saints and Suffering

      Definitions: fortitude, virtue, leprosy, Anointing of the Sick, Redemptive Suffering

      Orange Book: Read 170-180, Reviews pg 181, 1-6

    • Semester Two: Ecclesiology

      • Week 1, Jan 4-8 Origin of the Church


        Meaning of Church

        Foreshadowed by Israel

        Instituted by Christ

        Founded on a Rock

        Built from His side


        Key Terms:  diocese, hierarchy, people of God, charism,  Jaws of death, keys of the kingdom, bind & loose

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 9-36 Reviews pg 37 1-12.

      • Week 11, Mar 14-17 The Church is Catholic


        Timeline: The Catholic Church in the 20th Century (AD 1900-1963)

        The meaning of the word 'Catholic'

        Catholicity: The fullness of Christ in the Church

        The Church's Relationship with all people

        Universality and Diversity

        Key Terms:catholic, Vatican dialogue, icon, iconastasis

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 97-110 Reviews pg 110 1-8

      • Week 12, Mar 21-23 The Church is Apostolic


        Timeline: Postponed until after Easter

        The Apostles continue Jesus' mission

        Apostolic Tradition

        Papal Succession

        Key Terms: apostolic succession, apostolic, sacred tradition, bishop,ecclesial, Holy Orders, epicopal

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 111-122  Reviews 123 1-8

      • Week 13 April 4-8 Church's Salvation and Mission


        Timeline: Vatican II to St. Pope John Paul II(AD 1963-2005)

        The Fullness of Truth and Salvation

        Who can be saved?

        Who needs organized religion?

        Engaging modern, post-Christian culture

        The New Evangelization & Bishop Robert Barron

        Key Terms: Catholic Intellectual Tradition, sacramentum, mysterium, inculturation

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 125-146  Reviews pg 136 1-6 & pg 147 1-6

      • Week 14-15 April 11-22 Church Leadership/Magisterium


        Timeline: Pope Benedict  (AD 2005-2013)

        The Church and Hierarchy

        The Papacy

        The Episcopate



        The Magisterium and Truth

        Key Terms: dogma, ecumenical council, indefectibility, doctrine, magisterium, infallibility, discernment, vocation, presbyterate, diaconate, presbyterate,collegial, ministry, province, college of bishops, vicar, domestic church, holy see, curia

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 150-167 Reviews pg 167 1-9 & Read pgs 187-196 Reviews pg 196 1-6

      • Week 16, April 25-29 Lay and Religious Vocations


        Timeline: Pope Francis(AD 2013-)

        The Evangelical Counsels

        The Mission of the Laity

        The Work and Vocation of the Laity

        Consecrated Life & Religious Orders

        Key Terms: celibacy, vows, evangelical counsel, chastity, poverty, obedience, laity, consecrated life, institute, hermit, monk, brother, sister, eremetic

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 169-184, Reviews pg 185, 1-9

        • Week 17-18, May 2- May 13 The Church and Young People


          John Paul II and World Youth Day

          Called to belong to the Church

          Participation in the Church: Before and After Confirmation

          College life as a Catholic

          Key Terms: aspiration, sacred chrism, age of reason, WYD, FOCUS, NET

          Yellow Book: Read pgs 199-210 Reviews pg 210, 1-8

          • Week 18 May 16-19 Sent Out with Holy Spirit


            Sent as a disciple

            Discipleship in everyday life

            Empowered by the Holy Spirit

            Key Terms: discipleship, Confirmation

            Yellow Book: Read 211-222 Reviews pg 223, 1-6

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            • Science

              • The Monks

                • Art

                  • Charity and Hospitals

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