Weekly outline

  • General

  • Welcome to Paschal Mystery: 1st Semester

    • Week 1-2

      Welcome back. Introductions. Class Information Notes How to create your Notebook. What is Theology? What is Paschal Mystery? What is Ecclesiology?

    • Week 1 Aug 16-18 In The Beginning


      The Story: Big Picture of Scripture

      Creation Accounts and Creationism

      Attributes of God

      Human Beings Icon of Trinitarian God

      Eden -Original Happiness.

      Definitions: Biblical interpretation, Divine Inspiration, Fundamentalism, Hyper-Rationalism, Contextualism, Imago Dei, True Freedom. Holiness, Pure Love, Complimentarity, Trinitarian Communion, Original holiness, Original justice, Seen and Unseen Creation.The Plan

      Orange Book Assignments: Read pgs 11-24, Review Q's 1-7 pg 24.

    • Week 2-3, Aug 17-28 Catastrophic Fall


      The Fall of the Angels-The Reality of Satan

      Pride &Envy

      Genesis 3: Original Sin and Religious Truth

      Catastrophy of the Fall: God, Self, Others, Nature

      The Hole and Innate Desire

      The Sin Disease

      The 'Sinbiote'

      Gen 4: Sin as Predator


      Original Sin, The Fall, Satan, Angels, Free Will, Pride, Envy, Concupiscence, The Spread of Sin, The sin-cycle, Fratricide, Tower of Babel.

      Orange Book:

      Read pg 25-39, Reviews 1-6, pg 35

    • Week 1, Jan 4-8 Origin of the Church


      Meaning of Church

      Foreshadowed by Israel

      Instituted by Christ

      Founded on a Rock

      Built from His side


      Key Terms:  diocese, hierarchy, people of God, charism,  Jaws of death, keys of the kingdom, bind & loose

      Yellow Book: Read pgs 9-36 Reviews pg 37 1-12.

    • Week 2 Jan 11-15, The Holy Spirit: Giver of Life


      Who is the Holy Spirit?

      Pentecost: Reversal of Babel

      What the Holy Spirit does

      Gifts and Charisms

      Key Terms: animate, sanctify, ruah, petition, intercession, charism, charismatic, infallible, inerrant, 

      Yellow Book: Read 21-36, Reviews pg 37, 1-12

    • Weeks 6-8, Feb 8-Feb 26 Images of the Church


      Timeline: Church of the Middle Ages(AD 600-1300)

      Why Images?

      Lumen Gentium

      People of God

      Temple of Holy Spirit

      Bride of Christ

      Body of Christ


      Key Terms: Vatican II, Lumen Gentium, community, transubstantiation, chalice, theology of the body, mystical, virtues, mystical body

      Yellow Book: Read pgs 49-59 Reviews pg 60 1-6

    • Week 9, Feb 29-Mar 4 The Church is One


      Timeline: Late Middle-ages, Reformation, Counter-Reformation (AD 1300 1650)

      First Mark

      Bonds of Unity

      Wounds to Unity


      Key Terms: Marks of the Church, Creed, Apostolic Succession, schism, excommunicated, indulgence, theologian

      Yellow Book: Read pgs 63-78 Reviews pg 78 1-8

    • Week 10, Mar 7-11 The Church is Holy


      Timeline: The Modern World (AD 1650-1900)

      Why the Church is Holy?

      Source of Sanctification

      Communion of Saints

      The Saints: Models and Intercessors

      Mary: Model of perfect holiness

      Key Terms: Conversion, Sanctifying Grace, Actual Grace, Sacramental Grace, Communion of Saints, Theotokos, Assumption

      Yellow Book: Read pgs 79-96, Reviews pg 96 1-10

      • Week 11, Mar 14-17 The Church is Catholic


        Timeline: The Catholic Church in the 20th Century (AD 1900-1963)

        The meaning of the word 'Catholic'

        Catholicity: The fullness of Christ in the Church

        The Church's Relationship with all people

        Universality and Diversity

        Key Terms:catholic, Vatican dialogue, icon, iconastasis

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 97-110 Reviews pg 110 1-8

      • Week 12, Mar 21-23 The Church is Apostolic


        Timeline: Postponed until after Easter

        The Apostles continue Jesus' mission

        Apostolic Tradition

        Papal Succession

        Key Terms: apostolic succession, apostolic, sacred tradition, bishop,ecclesial, Holy Orders, epicopal

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 111-122  Reviews 123 1-8

      • Week 13 April 4-8 Church's Salvation and Mission


        Timeline: Vatican II to St. Pope John Paul II(AD 1963-2005)

        The Fullness of Truth and Salvation

        Who can be saved?

        Who needs organized religion?

        Engaging modern, post-Christian culture

        The New Evangelization & Bishop Robert Barron

        Key Terms: Catholic Intellectual Tradition, sacramentum, mysterium, inculturation

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 125-146  Reviews pg 136 1-6 & pg 147 1-6

      • Week 14-15 April 11-22 Church Leadership/Magisterium


        Timeline: Pope Benedict  (AD 2005-2013)

        The Church and Hierarchy

        The Papacy

        The Episcopate



        The Magisterium and Truth

        Key Terms: dogma, ecumenical council, indefectibility, doctrine, magisterium, infallibility, discernment, vocation, presbyterate, diaconate, presbyterate,collegial, ministry, province, college of bishops, vicar, domestic church, holy see, curia

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 150-167 Reviews pg 167 1-9 & Read pgs 187-196 Reviews pg 196 1-6

      • Week 16, April 25-29 Lay and Religious Vocations


        Timeline: Pope Francis(AD 2013-)

        The Evangelical Counsels

        The Mission of the Laity

        The Work and Vocation of the Laity

        Consecrated Life & Religious Orders

        Key Terms: celibacy, vows, evangelical counsel, chastity, poverty, obedience, laity, consecrated life, institute, hermit, monk, brother, sister, eremetic

        Yellow Book: Read pgs 169-184, Reviews pg 185, 1-9

        • Week 17-18, May 2- May 13 The Church and Young People


          John Paul II and World Youth Day

          Called to belong to the Church

          Participation in the Church: Before and After Confirmation

          College life as a Catholic

          Key Terms: aspiration, sacred chrism, age of reason, WYD, FOCUS, NET

          Yellow Book: Read pgs 199-210 Reviews pg 210, 1-8

          • Week 18 May 16-19 Sent Out with Holy Spirit


            Sent as a disciple

            Discipleship in everyday life

            Empowered by the Holy Spirit

            Key Terms: discipleship, Confirmation

            Yellow Book: Read 211-222 Reviews pg 223, 1-6

          • The University and Schools

            • Science

              • The Monks

                • Art

                  • Charity and Hospitals

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